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Building Teams Through Innovative Solutions

Team Building

Peagram Consulting offers a wide variety of activities, case studies, events, and tools to build your team. We focus on building trust, communication, accountability, collaboration, and innovation. 

Workplace Harassment

Peagram Consulting offers trainings, workshops, coaching sessions, and seminars on workplace harassment. Dr. Peagram goes above and beyond the HR protocol and helps the organization create a safe working environment.


Peagram Consulting offers cutting edge diversity programs. Using a simulation model and team building activities, Peagram Consulting works on exploring bias, stereotypes, misconception, and discrimination.

About us

Our mission is to deliver and design training that helps organizations be more efficient, productive, team focused, and profitable. –Dr. Kortney Peagram

Peagram Consulting specializes in workplace and sexual harassment, diversity, team building, leadership, and conflict management. Peagram consulting designs programs to increase productivity and efficiency. Peagram Consulting is an innovator in corporate training programs. Through experiential learning activities and facilitated discussions, a deeper understanding of concepts and processes is gained. In addition, employees walk away with tools and skills they are able to immediately implement into their current positions.

Peagram Consulting was founded to provide alternative training options to the typical disengaging presentation format. Peagram Consultants do not simply present content, they innovate solutions by asking questions and provoking new thoughts to solve problems. Dr. Peagram loves bringing activities, practical skills, and innovative concepts to the table to watch individuals find their passion and grow as professionals. Dr. Peagram’s “Why?” is simple: she loves training and pushing professionals to think outside the box.


Kortney Peagram

Dr. Kortney Peagram is President and Owner of Peagram Consulting and Bulldog Solution. Dr. Peagram works with organizations to provide programs on leadership, conflict management, team building, group management, diversity, compassion, bullying, and cyberbullying. Dr. Peagram’s speaking engagements and workshops are engaging with applicable strategies for her audience. Dr. Peagram consults, writes, facilitates, and presents on topics that focus on emotional and behavioral development to increase morale and productivity in the workplace. Dr. Peagram is in the process of writing a paper on the dark sides of personalities in the workplace. Dr. Peagram is also an Adjunct Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She teaches Executive Business Coaching, Organizational Culture and Design, Group Facilitation and Processing, and Individual Assessment and Feedback to Ph.D candidates. Dr Peagram loves to learn, teach, read, blog, and facilitate training. 

kortney peagram

Available Online Courses

Best Practices to Work Remotely

Dr. Kortney Peagram walks you through processes and systems to implement in your home to run your office virtually. The course include tools and additional worksheet to help you implement the content from the course. 

Managing a Team Remote

Dr. Kortney Peagram explains how to transition from an office setting to managing remotely while staying organized and in control. The course includes tools and resources to help you apply the virtual managing techniques.

Peagram Consulting Reintegration Programs

The following programs are designed to help business owners, leaders, managers, stakeholders, and individual contributors return to work safety. Each training is customized to fit the needs and culture of the organization. 

Looking for Free Resources about Diversity Training

Programs and Services

Diversity Simulation Programs

The Diversity Simulation Programs are a cutting edge simulation. By building a series of interviews, role-plays, and case studies participants explore their own stereotypes, biases, and misconceptions.

Workplace Harassment And Bullying

Peagram Consulting works with your organization to address the situations, prevent, intervene, and resolve the bullying and harassment in the workplace

Training your HR Team

This coaching model is designed to train employees, staff, and leaders within the HR or Organizational Development Department. Peagram Consulting’s goal is to train HR professionals on developing interactive content and building in activities to increase employee retention during internal trainings.

Team Building Program

Peagram Consulting team-building programs are highly interactive and engaging. Pegram Consulting has over 64 different activities to address each unique aspect of teamwork. Peagram Consulting custom designs curriculums that support your current structure and give your team tools that fit within your organization’s culture.

Leadership Programs

Peagram Consulting leadership programs give leaders insight into their management style, leadership traits, and delegation skills. The sessions help support the current curriculum or program in place and develop further momentum on what is needed to accomplish those goals.

Executive coaching

These sessions give leaders and mid-level managers the extra support to build their skill set while focusing on career advancement. Dr. Kortney Peagram uses theory-based practice along with interactive learning to develop attainable, concrete action plans.

Dr. Peagram founded a portion of her company to give back to Bulldog Solution. Bulldog Solution is an anti-bullying organization that helps reduce bullying and violence in schools. Peagram Consulting operates as a social enterprise. For every corporate program Peagram Consulting completes, a portion of the profits benefit an underprivileged school by giving them free anti-bullying programming.  By blending her skills, education, talent, and passion, she is able to do what she loves, and give back to a cause close to her heart. In 2017 Peagram Consulting was able to donate over $7,000.00 worth of programs, assemblies, and professional development trainings to Chicago Public Schools. Dr. Peagram wants to double that goal in 2018 by working with organizations that align with innovative and collaborative thinking.

How can we help

Offering Virtual Training

Peagram Consulting is now offering workplace training and consulting online