10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Competitive

While sending spending time social distancing and quarantining ourselves we may find that this is the right time for the career transition or the job hunt. Here are 10 ways that you can use to update your LinkedIn profile to make it more competitive.


  • Go public. Make sure your name is getting out there. In your LinkedIn setting change your account to “public” to maximize the people who are seeing your account, posts, and likes. 
  • Go premium. Going premium is not mandatory by any means but it does give you the extra competitive advantage when looking for a job.  
  • Update everything. Is the job/ position on your profile currently correct? Have you relocated? Or is your profile picture out of date? Incorrect information does nothing for you if you are looking for a career transition on LinkedIn. 
  • Create a personal URL. It’s easy to do and you can place it on business cards or resumes. To change your URL go to your profile, select ‘edit,’ then follow the directions.
  • Build your network. The more you interact with others and the more they interact with you the more likely you are to be seen. Add your current co-workers and ones from previous jobs. You never know, one of your connections may have a friend at your dream company.
  • Get endorsed. Ask your coworkers, business associates, and/or boss to endorse a skill of yours. This lets future employers know what your strengths are from other people’s perspectives. Don’t forget to give an endorsement back!
  • Ask for recommendations. Similar to the endorsement, the recommendation provides a personalized insight into your work ethic and gives more insight to potential recruiters or clients.  
  • Be creative. Create your own post. Have you seen a trend in your industry? Write about it. After you create your post remember to…
  • Use your #hashtags. Hashtags are used to make information and content easier to find, draw attention to, and promote. 
  • Share relevant articles. If you find an interesting, relevant article post it! If you find it useful most likely one of your connections does as well. Posting current articles also shows potential employers that you are tuned in to current industry news and trends. 

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We hope you find these tips useful for your career transition and job hunt. Stay tuned to new resources being posted daily to Peagram Consulting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Photo Credits: Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash


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