5 Benefits for Your Team to Take Workplace Harassment Training

workplace harassement training courses

With the end of the year around the corner, a lot of organizations will need to complete the 1-hour employee sexual harassment training. Organizations need to complete the workplace harassment training yearly.

Here are some main reasons organizations can benefit from the training and add value to their corporate culture and climate.

  1. Awareness: Sexual harassment training helps individuals become aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and understand different forms of it that may occur in the workplace. There are many different forms of sexual harassment, and often, employees don’t understand that joking, demeaning others, and using the wrong pronouns might constitute sexual harassment. The training is meant to educate employees about the types of behaviors and actions that are considered inappropriate and unacceptable. It is important to be clear on appropriate and inappropriate work behaviors.
  2. Prevention: Completing sexual harassment training helps promote a work environment that is respectful, inclusive, and free from harassment. A good training will promote psychological safety. It aids in preventing incidents of harassment by providing employees with the knowledge and tools to recognize and address inappropriate behavior. It gives them the tools to respond and report to situations before they escalate.
  3. Legal compliance: Sexual harassment training is often mandated by laws and regulations in many jurisdictions. By completing the training, organizations demonstrate their commitment to complying with legal requirements and ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.
  4. Empowerment: Sexual harassment training empowers employees by providing them with information on how to respond to, report, and address incidents of harassment. It informs individuals of their rights and encourages them to speak up if they experience or witness any form of harassment. It gives them the strategies to address situations with confidence that this will be taken seriously and the management will investigate and keep all information confidential.
  5. Organizational reputation: Companies that prioritize sexual harassment training and create a safe and supportive work environment are more likely to attract and retain talented employees. It also helps uphold a positive reputation both internally and externally, showcasing a commitment to promoting equality and respect. It is about creating a positive work environment. Ultimately, completing sexual harassment training contributes to fostering a positive work environment, reducing the risk of harassment incidents, and promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity within an organization.

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