Building Trust Remotely in a New Normal 

With most of us working remotely or searching for new jobs online, we have found ourselves in a new normal. This word has become a buzz word and can create anxiety and fear. When anxiety and fear set in, it created resistance and we build walls around us to protect ourselves from danger. So in this new way of doing business, leading teams, interviewing people, how can we build trust? We have to create some shift and redefine the culture that we are currently living in. 

To a certain degree, we need to address some of the lying or covering up that might be happening. Having honest and trustworthy leaders can help set the tone of a positive culture and ease the creepy feeling of uncertainty. Often leaders don’t have the answer and instead of covering it up or lying, being transparent can really help a team. For employees, telling your boss that this is too much is okay too. You are dealing with so much and it can be overwhelming. So to build trust transparency needs to happen from both sides. 

Building trust is step-by-step and segment by segment. So how can we build trusting safe place while we are working virtually: 

  • In the chat section of the Zoom, Go To Meeting, or any platform, share words of encouragement. 
  • Let people know if you can or can’t see them so they are aware.
  • Be clear on what you expect when someone is in a virtual meeting with you.
  • Sharing more stories relevant to your audience or team to create more opportunities to connect.
  • Addressing the fear and uncertainty with your team can build so much connection. 
  • Being clear on what is expected of your team and deliverable dates. 
  • Finding ways to be flexible when your employee is having a hard time adjusting to remote work or just having a bad day. 
  • Having virtual coffee hours to chat about your teams well being. 
  • Providing resources or tips to help your team stay motivated during quarantine: 
    • Ted Talks 
    • YouTube Videos 
    • Strategy sheets 
    • Good positive articles 
    • Inspirational quotes 
  • Being consistent in your check-ins and meetings, avoiding canceling or adding in last-minute changes without warning
  • Go over daily or weekly of the changes taking place and giving clear examples.
  • Having a moderator or meeting facilitator to help keep meetings structure.
  • Having a virtual speaker come in to inspire or educate your team.
  • Sharing some of your struggles and how you are handling some of the daily stress.
  • Being transparent about your anxiety and mental wellness.
  • Encouraging your team to take more breaks and getting outside.
  • Having weekly fun challenges or connection activities to build camaraderie.
  • Using appropriate humor, memes, or gifs. 
  • Adding a compassionate tone and actively listening. 
  • Using facial expressions to share concerns. 

These tips are easy but can take time and dedication to implement. As we move into phase 1-2-3, change is inevitable and will be challenging. Getting into these daily practices sooner can help with the transition. If you need any additional resources, coaching, facilitation, or virtual programs, please reach out to me. 

Compassion + Communication = Connection within your team. That formula builds a foundation of trust and confidence with your team. 

We have online remote learning training, virtual leadership change management, trust-building online, and our sexual harassment training online and recorded. We are here to support our business as much as we can during these challenging times. 

For more custom programs or pricing please reach out to 

Stay Sane and Healthy, 

Kortney Peagram, Ph.D. 

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