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Cycle of Blame

A cycle of blame can hurt any workplace environment, therefore, fostering a culture of accountability in the workplace is needed. In fact, according to an article published by the Harvard Business Review, “A deep set of research shows that people who blame others for their mistakes lose status, learn less, and perform worse relative to […]

Workplace Breaks and Positive Health Habits

A growing amount of research is beginning to look at the benefits of taking breaks and promoting positive health habits at work. Sedentary behavior is on the rise and especially affects those working in an office setting. Additionally, there is mixed research regarding types of breaks at work and their benefits. This paper will explore, […]

Self Care Tips for Professionals

With winter lingering and our days being cut shorter, it is important to take care of ourselves to avoid burnout and exhaustion. Below are some tips that serve us as a reminder to take care of ourselves. ● Sleep – Many of us don’t get enough sleep at night. Make it a habit to disconnect […]

Workplace Drama Can Hurt Your Career

These past few months, we have been working on a lot of team building programs to rebuild trust, collaboration, and teamwork. We used a series of tools from guided questions to activities. The most critical part of the sessions is when participants share about how workplace drama has broken down their trust and ability to […]

Team Building

During the holiday season often employees are seen to be unfocused, distracted, or unmotivated. Sometimes, the thought of the office holiday party does not bring cheer or glee, because it is the same old party or it no longer serves your employees. It is about rebooting your team and re-energizing them for what is coming […]

How to Address Workplace Bullying

The first thing we need to establish is that workplace bullying creates a toxic environment. It impacts your employees, your productivity, and your bottom line. More so, it will impact morale, create a hostile working environment, and can be very costly to the organization if not addressed. Workplace bullying is defined as: “using your power […]

Leaders Can Prevent Workplace Bullying

Preventing workplace bullying is key to detoxifying your organization and creating a safe place to work. When employees feel safe and accepted, they provide results and hit their goals. So how can we prevent workplace bullying? It all comes down to leadership. Below are some strategies to help prevent a toxic environment to avoid any […]

Quiet Leadership: The Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Words

Michael Althouse, M.A. Peagram Consultant Leadership and business Take a moment to consider the types of thoughts, feelings, and conceptualizations that these two words illicit in your mind. What does your idea of a business leader look like? What are their personality traits and how do they interact with others within their organization? The chances […]