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Implicit and Unconscious Bias

Meaningful diversity and inclusion initiatives are integral components of any successful modern organization. The benefits of recognizing the need to embrace and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment are also significant and range from increased innovation to creative problem solving and more. However, truly understanding diversity and inclusion, especially as it relates to recognizing […]

Strategies for Building Diverse & Inclusive Organization

In today’s digital age, we are first-hand witnesses to the rapid globalization that has been occurring in the world around us. Thanks to advancements in technology, we also have the ability to connect instantaneously with one another from anywhere and at any point in time. As such, this world-wide connectedness has brought together people from […]

Gaslighting in The Workplace 

Gaslighting is often defined as using your power over someone else to negatively impact them, control them, and have them question their own reality. It is a manipulative, negative social construct that creates a toxic work environment. Gaslighting has the similar traits of workplace bullying, but is more covert and can make you doubt yourself […]

Ghostplace in the Workplace

As a business owner, I will not pretend to be cool, I had no idea what ghosting was until a few months ago when my team lead sat me down to explain the concept. Ghosting is when a person stops responding to your emails, calls, text, and just disappears. Typically it happens in a relationship […]

Team Building

During the holiday season often employees are seen to be unfocused, distracted, or unmotivated. Sometimes, the thought of the office holiday party does not bring cheer or glee, because it is the same old party or it no longer serves your employees. It is about rebooting your team and re-energizing them for what is coming […]

Quiet Leadership: The Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Words

Michael Althouse, M.A. Peagram Consultant Leadership and business Take a moment to consider the types of thoughts, feelings, and conceptualizations that these two words illicit in your mind. What does your idea of a business leader look like? What are their personality traits and how do they interact with others within their organization? The chances […]