Sexual Harassment Training – California

Sexual Harassment Training – California


 This 2-hour training adheres to the compliance requirement for California law AB 1825. The training includes customized content to fit the culture of your organization, engaging and interactive presentation, Q&A, and follow up report. 



California’s Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC) enacted regulations in 2016 to clarify this obligation to prevent and correct wrongful behavior. This document was produced by the DFEH to provide further guidance to California employers. Our 2-hour training follows the state compliance regulations and includes the following: 

  1.   We develop a clear and easy to understand the written policy that is distributed to employees and discussed at our training and then we develop follow up communication (every 6months) The regulations list the required components of an anti-harassment policy at 2 CCR §11023.
  2. We create buy-in from the top by engaging leaders and managers to actively respond and report. This means that management is a role model of appropriate workplace behavior, understands the policies, and reinforces it. 
  3.  We train supervisors and managers that address concerns relevant to their position.  (two-hour training is mandated under two laws commonly referred to as AB 1825 and AB 2053)
  4. We provide harassment prevention training in a classroom setting, through interactive E-learning, and through a live webinar. 
  5. Or trainers are Business Psychologist and Business Psychology consultants. 
  6. Our training has been reviewed and approved by a California Law Firm 

Our workplace and sexual harassment training is customize to fit your organizational culture and industry. In the 2-hour training, we review the terms, compliance, acceptable behaviors, and best practices. We run through examples, scenarios, and create engaging discussions to help employees retain the content and see how it is applicable to their job. We discuss how to respond and report. We review the consequences and impact of not the workplace and sexual harassment policy. We review the policy in detail and open up for Q&A. We also practice strategies and review processes. We accommodate group sizes from 5-300 employees. We work on creating a training schedule that fits your business operations. We adapt our content to speak to your employees. Our consultants are experts within the field and hold a Masters’s or Ph.D. in Business Psychology. We tie in business, psychology, and the law into our training, so your employees understand how to address, respond, and report. Our training can be delivered on-ground or online. We build a program that will benefit your employees and fulfill the state compliance requirement. We provide you with a full recap report, program evaluations, and certificates for employees.  

Additional Training: 

Train-the-trainer Workplace and Sexual Harassment Training 

You might not have the budget or time to have us run your training, but we can train your HR team to run the workplace and sexual harassment training. We provide a full curriculum, deck, resources, and workbook. This full-day or two ½ day training  sessions provide your HR team with the tools to run multiple session on workplace and sexual harassment training. We work on learning the content, understanding the group, adjusting the language, and building an engaging training. 

Workplace and Sexual Harassment Certification

You looking to get a few of your team certified to train your organization? Not a problem. We can help you. We design an 8-week course to help train your key people on how to conduct workplace and sexual harassment training.


California law (called the Fair Employment and Housing Act or FEHA) prohibits discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The law also requires that employers “take reasonable steps to prevent and correct wrongful (harassing, discriminatory, retaliatory) behavior in the workplace (Cal. Govt. Code §12940(k)). The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is the state’s enforcement agency related to the obligations under the FEHA.


Workplace harassment is unwelcomed, unwanted, and unwarranted behaviors or communications that target an individual’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.  

Workplace bullying is using your power over a period of time to intentionally harm someone else. 


 is unwelcomed, unwarranted, and unwanted inappropriate behaviors or communications that target the person’s sex. Sexual harassment includes unwelcomed sexual advances, sexual favors, sexual comments, and any other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. 

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Our consultants are experts within the field and hold a Masters's or Ph.D. in Business Psychology.


We tie in business, psychology, and the law into our trainings, so your employees understand how to address, respond, and report.

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