Employee Compliance Sexual Harassment Training

Welcome to Peagram Consulting 4 course module on sexual harassment. In this module, we delve into the crucial subject of sexual harassment and its impact on individuals and the workplace. By completing this training, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all. This online training explores the various aspects of sexual harassment, terminology, examples, and respond and report strategies. It is about recognizing it and taking the right steps to take to prevent it. Each module is 15 minutes and design to be easy to follow from your phone or computer. The training adheres to the Illinious compliance requirement for the workplace.

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Questions About Our Courses

It depends on the states:

  • In Illinois, it is at least 1 employee.
  • In California, at least 5 employees
  • In Florida, at least 15 employees
  • In Massachusetts, at least 6 employees
  • In Wisconsin, at least 15 employees
  • In Texas, at least 15 employees
  • In Colorado, at least 15 employees
  • The definition of sexual harassment.
  • Examples of sexual harassment.
  • Respond and report strategies.
  • A clear policy and how to follow procedures to report.
  • What is appropriate and inappropriate in the workplace?
  • State compliance and how to report.
  • A clear statement explaining prevention techniques and the consequences of retaliation.
  • Follow the legal requirements and how to foster a safe work environment.
  • Investigation procedures.

  • 1-hour of employee training
  • 2 hours of manager training
  • 1-hour bystander training (Chicago)

  • Easy to follow
  • Start and stop at your own pace
  • Resources and handouts
  • Quiz
  • Compliance report
  • Certification of compliance

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