“ We need to get to a place where we discuss privilege by way of observation and
acknowledgement rather than accusation.” -Roxanne Gay, Bad Feminist   

Diversity Simulation Program

The following program is a ½ day program that is designed to bring up discussion points, best practices, and strategies on how to address assumptions, stereotypes, and unconscious & implicit bias. This simulation requires that employees interact with a series of facilitators portraying real-life situations that relate to your organization. We work on exposing implicit & unconscious biases in a trusting, open, and honest space. The simulation focuses on creating a psychological safe place in order to have employees and managers open up to some of the diversity barriers they might be facing. This program is an advanced journey to learning more about implicit bias. The simulation allows participant’s to begin to understand their deep-rooted beliefs and values that may be surfacing as implicit and unconscious bias. We work on identifying our assumptions, addressing and overcoming our biases by creating best practices to communicate, and increasing trust, respect, and team work in the workplace.  Participants walk away enlighten with strategies and tools to immediately apply to the workplace. 

Implicit and Unconscious Bias Training 101

The following training is a 2-hour interactive and engaging program that opens doors to better understanding of how to address, prevent, and overcome implicit and unconscious biases. We use a series of case studies and small group discussions to generation ideas about typical trends or behaviors that might occur in the workplace. We then facilitation conversation to come up with tips, tricks, and best practices to allow open and efficient communication. The program is designed to be customized to the organization’s culture, needs, values, and beliefs. 

Diversity Training: Gender Identity and Expression

The following program is a 2-hour educational and engaging session where we discuss appropriate terminology and increase our understanding of how to address gender identity, expression, and sexuality in the workplace. We review the laws of discrimination and debate best practices when encountering sexuality in the workplace. The group works on transition statements and learning how to ask open, inquisitive questions versus passing judgment. The 2-hour program is interactive and gives employees the ability to better understand and open and share their understanding when it comes to gender identity, expression and sexuality. 

Diversity Target Program

The following program is a series of interactive activities where participants are encouraged to share more about their experience, values, and beliefs. We do so by creating self and social awareness through scenarios and experiential learning activities. We give opportunities to open doors to communication and address the diversity challenges that may occur within your organization. We build a psychological safe space for people to become aware of their actions, beliefs, and feelings when targeting difficult conversation around diversity. The series of activities are designed for different levels of capacity and comprehension when discussing diversity. Our goal with the training is to open up opportunities for inclusion and more engagement with your diverse workforce. Each program is between 1-3 hours depending on the amount of content, number of participants, and desired outcomes. The programs consist of a series of discussions followed by the activities, debrief, and application of best practices that can be immediately implemented into the workplace.

Sample activities: 

  • Cross the line 
  • Spectrum 
  • Privilege walk 
  • Walk in my Shoes 
  • Diversity Quest
  • D&I Empowerment Circle 

Intent vs Impact Training: Addressing Challenging Situations 

The following training is a sensitivity training around identifying triggers, exploring resentment, having difficult conversations, and identifying toxic belief. We focus on self-reflection and discuss how resentment can impact our workplace relationships. During this 2-hour session we work on building new habits to assume positive intent and best practices to address a variety of difficult situations. This program is designed to increase psychological safety in the workplace and build a stronger team.