Free Resources to help with Diversity

Diversity and Racial Discrimination Scenarios

The following activity can be done over a period of time or in 45 minute segments. It goes over multiple racial workplace scenarios and the group gets to talk through what they would do to intervene, prevent, and re-educate employees.This activity is focused on racial discrimination. 

Diversity Analysis 2.0:

This worksheet is a great debrief tool to use post session or meeting to discuss workplace discrimination. This worksheet can be combined with the Diversity and Racial Discrimination Scenarios. The goal is to have participants jot down their thoughts, feedback, insights, and learning. It is a great tool to retain the content from your training. 

Diversity and Bias Sample Agenda

The following agenda is to help you visualize how to set up your training and layout the content.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

The following is a list of specific strategies to increase diversity and inclusion into the workplace. 

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