Self Care Tips for Professionals

With winter lingering and our days being cut shorter, it is important to take care of
ourselves to avoid burnout and exhaustion. Below are some tips that serve us as a
reminder to take care of ourselves.

● Sleep – Many of us don’t get enough sleep at night. Make it a habit to disconnect before
bed, read a book or meditate to get the 7-8 hours your body needs for the next working

● Exercise – Many of us carry the stress from the office home, and also have other
stressors to deal with. Take 30 minutes out of your day for a walk, a run, or anything to
get your body moving to release that stress. The hardest part is starting, but once you’re
finished your body and mind will thank you.

● Social Support – Having a rough day at the office, bombarded with deadlines, or feeling
chased by emails can take a lot out of a person mentally. Make sure to have a group of
people or one person that brings positivity into your life, let’s you know that it is going to
be ok, and you will get through this.

● Health Eating – Yes it can be hard finding healthy options with such busy days in the
office from running to meetings, meeting deadlines, or traveling but it is important to feed
your body the nutrients it needs to keep you going. Sure those fries and burgers are fast but
will slow you down later.

● Treat Yourself – Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a massage or a spa treatment.
We seem to underestimate how good it can feel on the inside to relax and let our bodies
relax as well.

● Hobbies – Hobbies are a great way to immerse yourself into something you love after a
long day at the office or a long week. Take that extra time for that cooking class you
have been eyeing, that workout class or the book you’ve been dying to read but have
been putting off.

● Make time for a short break- The office and all your tasks can be extremely
overwhelming. When you feel that anxiety hit, stop, and set your phone for a 5-minute
break. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, go get a coffee or even walk to the
water cooler and get a cold cup of water. These little breaks help keep your mind sharp
and will allow you to get back to work with a clear head or even new ideas!

Written by Alex Arriaga
Social Media Strategies and Consulting
Peagram Consulting

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